occupational medicine

At Care4U, we know the importance of hard work and time -- that's why our team provides superior medical care while standing by a strict return-to-work policy. We know health care can be costly, so our mission is to reduce the employer's expense by minimizing off-duty time, reducing follow-up visits, prescribing over-the-counter medication when possible, limiting cases referred to specialists, and communicating with employers.

Our goal is to satisfy the employer's needs by abiding by employer-set protocols and dismissing employees from our care as soon as possible. Our extended schedule and walk-in service are also convenient features that many employers enjoy. Our most requested services are:

Injury Care
Medical treatment
Follow-up care
Return-to-work evaluations
Work restrictions
Pre-employment physicals
TX-DOT Physicals


Hepatitis A&B

Meningitis, HPV
Influenza and Pneumonia (Seasonal)
Travel Vaccines (Appointment Necessary)


Care4U is now offering allergy testing every Friday. Allergy testing consists of a quick, painless skin-scratch test that tests for 72 common allergens in the south Texas area, such as molds, plants, animal dander, and even food allergens. Based on your results, the doctor may recommend allergy desensitizing shots, which are meant to slowly expose the body to allergens until immunity to the allergen is met, possibly decreasing the need for long-term antihistamine medication and improving one's quality of life. Shots are also available at Care4U. Many insurance plans cover allergy-related services.